About Us

Recycle. Design. Create. Two architects-by-training turned designers have spent many years collecting objects and turning them into once-off art pieces, sculptures, wall hangings, usable beautiful objects and one-of-a-kind things!

We paint, draw, design, build, grow and create out of wood, fabric, paper, plastic, glass, metal, sand and junk we find everywhere! Sometimes we even draw on new paper too!

Jody in studio

On the odd occasion some of our products may be repeated, but each one is created by hand! We're also keen to get other people involved - so if you have stuff you want to sell, or donate to us to do something with - please feel free to contact us.

When we're not busy creating stuff, we're teaching others how to be creative as Multimedia lecturers at Vega School of Brand, Business and Design.

Unique Creations is a collaboration between Jody and Rudy.

Rudy is an incredble artist with amazing attention to detail. Originally trained as a landscape architect, Rudy continues his love affair with the outdoors and spends much of his time tending to his orchids, nurturing seedlings or other gardening. He is a Multimedia lecture in his spare time!

Jody is a designer/marketer/jack-of-all-trades, originally trained as an architect. He has been working in the online and design field for over 20 years. Jody loves being creative, preferably offline with photography, drawing, painting & stained glass art and much more. He works full-time as a Multimedia lecturer.